A wedding, via Skype...

I'm a big fan of Skype. I use it frequently to telecommute, with two-way video to "be there" in the room, and screen-sharing to collaborate on work. Still, even a Skypophile like me has to wonder whether it would work for a wedding - and sure enough, it was used for one just a while ago. A couple stranded by the volcanic-ash flight disruptions wasn't able to make it home to Britain for their wedding, so they phoned it in - they set up a video link back to their friends and family, and tied the knot remotely. It makes me think: what does it mean to "be there?" If you can see their faces and share the joy, but not hug'em (and drink their booze), does it count? I don't know the answer - but I know it'll only be a more and more relevant question!
[Sydney Morning Herald, via Neatorama & Gizmodo]

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