NoteTabs: Uses for transparent Post-Its?

Office supply maker Avery has a solution looking for a problem: NoteTabs, which are essentially transparent Post-It notes. They're pitching these as a solution for highlighting or annotating materials that will eventually have to be returned in unmarked condition - borrowed books or original documents, for example. I'm sure these needs occasionally exist - what I'm not sure of is whether being able to directly superimpose your notes, rather than slap a Post-It alongside the material, is worth buying a whole separate product. If I'm missing something, fill me in - otherwise, I'll stick (ha!) to my Post-Its.


Mary said...

Oooooh, these would be super useful for law school...esp. because most people want to mark up their book w/ elements or notations to use if they get called on in class (stupid Socratic method)....and the bookstore won't buy back casebooks unless they are "unmarked" so this would solve the problem! -Mary

Mark Whybird said...

I think that, like semi transparent dialog boxes on a computer screen, these will be useful simply because they don't obscure whatever is behind them.