YayButtons.com - Sony's Ode to the Pressable

On this blog that's ostensibly about buttons, I'd be remiss if I didn't cover Sony's love letter to them: YayButtons.com. See, the upcoming gesture-based gaming systems from Sony and Microsoft differ in an important way: Sony's Playstation Move uses controllers (with buttons), while Microsoft's Kinect uses only your body (which, belly excepted, has no buttons). So, with this fun little site, Sony is really trying to... wait for it... push buttons on us. They make good points, though: buttons are a great way to control a gaming experience, and Kinect may be a blunt tool without them. How do you zoom your sniper rifle? How do you change between a practice golf swing and the real thing? And as Sony points out, how do you prevent your jerk friend from shouting "pause" during your game? Buttons, that's how!

[via Gizmodo]

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