iPads and Wine Lists - An excellent pairing...

The New York Times and Gizmodo report that restaurants are starting to use iPads as wine menus - and what could be an obnoxious trendy publicity stunt is actually working out quite well. The reason cited is quick access to up-to-date, detailed, and objective third-party reviews. Since each individual wine carries quite a bit of supporting information (not just reviews, but descriptions, pairings, etc), even a modest wine list can't display it all on paper. So, bring in a tablet connected to any bit of info you could ever want, and the problem is solved: the diners research their options, feel more confident about a choice, and order more wine. R. O. I.


Ruairi Galavan said...

They are also used here:


"Summer 2010, we launched an Electronic Wine List at Ballymaloe.

Using an Apple iPAD, we have one of our wine lists now in electronic format!"

Thanking Lar from www.smallsips.ie for the tip.

Unknown said...
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