The Toepener, for Untouchable Doorknobs

You know what they say about public restrooms: it doesn't matter whether your washed your hands if the guy before you didn't - and that dirty doorknob is to blame. Taking borderline-OCD from anxiety to product, a team of University of Minnesota business students have designed the Toepener, essentially a doorknob for your foot. Okaaaay... I guess it might be nice for some businesses to offer such an option to their customers (particularly psychiatry practices?), but 50 bucks seems a bit steep for a couple pieces of metal. And the likelihood of spectacular wipeouts as new users lose their balance with a toe stuck in that hook is high - followed by lawsuits that make the 50 bucks seem like a steal! So yeah, it's a nice option - it's just sold with a little too much fanfare.

[via Core77]

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