Alternative Alarm Clock - Wake up any way you want...

I've always been a little fascinated with alarm clocks - the tension between what you need and what you want, the game of negotiating with (or just plain tricking) your irresponsible future self, it's a rich area for clever design. And designer Ki Hyun Kim certainly has something clever here: the Alternative Alarm Clock, which simply turns on a power outlet when it's time to wake up. What you plug into that outlet is up to you: a fan to blow in your face? A coffee maker (or grill loaded with bacon a la Michael Scott) for an olefactory cue? A sun-simulating light? It's anything you want - and since there may be as many ways to wake up as people who need to, that's the genius of it. Here's hoping this one makes it to store shelves soon!

[via Gizmodo]

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