Return of the Shutter Button!

Apple has been on a crusade against buttons for quite a while, removing them from the faces of phones, tablets, and even their own store elevators.  This means almost everything is done through the touchscreen - but recently, the tide has receded, and a few functions have regained physical, tactile buttons.  The one I'm celebrating today is the camera shutter button, which is the new secondary function of iProducts' volume-up buttons. And folks, this makes sense!  When you're taking a photo, you're focused on the world you're shooting: making sure the camera is aligned, everyone's smiling, and so on.  You need to be able to feel the button, to press it and get that tactile feedback.  It's pretty remarkable that we've gotten to the point where we applaud the re-introduction of old technologies as new design innovation.  Incidentally, using the volume-up button enables some new useful tricks, like using a wireless headset as a photo remote.  Welcome back, shutter button - it's good to see you again.

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