Bigger Buttons: Adding meaning to energy consumption...

Small, clean, tasteful buttons and switches may be the Apple-inspired style of the time, but there's no denying the emotional heft of a big damn button.  So why not harness that built-in meaning for a good cause?  Two products aim to do just that: on the left, Bracketron's Mushroom GreenZero is a big button you mash with your foot to start gadgets charging (for a limited amount of time), while on the right, ThinkGeek's Panic Button replaces any light switch so you can save energy with the action-movie urgency of an emergency shutdown.  Both products add drama, and meaning, and thought, to what's become a mindless activity - and maybe by thinking about it a little more, we can be a little more conscious of energy use.
[via Gizmodo and, well, Gizmodo]

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