MagSafe 2 Connector: No longer a USB magnet...

Apple released their latest MacBook Pro laptops recently - and there's a lot to love (Retina display, all-flash architecture, drop-dead sexy design as always) and a bit to hate as well (they're possibly the least-repairable computers ever made).  But I'd like to focus on one little change that says a lot about thoughtful design and usability: the updated MagSafe 2 power connector.  MagSafe is a great idea: the connector magnetically snaps right into place, but pulls out easily in case you trip over the cord, sparing the laptop a damaging trip to the floor.  However, the previous version had a problem: it was sized so that USB plugs would also try to snap into it, attracted by its embedded magnets.  The new version is thinner and longer, which helps keep the overall laptop thin, but also solves the USB-attraction problem because USB plugs can't fit into the new profile.  It only makes sense to keep connector sizes and shapes different enough that you can't go wrong - and this is one more step toward that goal.  The only downside is that it's not backwards-compatible with older MagSafe chargers.  Oh well - Apple is happy to sell you more STUFF!
[via Engadget]

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