It's Just a Shrunken iPad

Yesterday Apple introduced the new iPad Mini - and with their typical fanfare, repeatedly insisted that it's "not just a shrunken iPad."  Well, a bit of wisdom I've often found to be true is that whenever a product is hyped as "not just a" or "more than a," it's almost always just that thing.  There can be exceptions, like when a feature is hidden from obvious sight, or when a specific combination of features makes it a fundamentally new product - but usually, those things are self-evident and don't need to be hyped.  If you have to say it, that's usually because it's not true - and sorry, Apple, but the iPad Mini is just a shrunken down iPad!


Adam Smith said...

It definitely feels like innovation is slowing down at apple. Hopefully that will be a good thing. it could give them more time to correct all the bad UI decisions they've made in the last couple of years.

Dave Gustafson said...

I agree - this smacks of a reactionary move, rather than their typical visionary moves. And their UI could use some cleaning up, too!