Headphone Cords: Which side is it, anyway?

With all the things we have standardized in the modern world - from electrical outlets to tire inflation valves to toilet paper tubes - it can be a little shocking when we run into something that sticks out as not standardized. Kyle Wagner writes in Gizmodo about one that irks him: the location of headphone jacks on computers versus which side the cord enters the headphones. He explains, "Headphone cords almost uniformly insert into the left cup... And the headphone jack on iMacs is on the right side as you face the screen... That means when you're wearing your headphones at your desk, you've got to either wear your headphones backwards or drape your cord across your workspace."  Though the connector itself has been standardized for decades, it looks like the industry stopped one step short of finishing the job! The question is, how do you create a standard for this now and make it stick...?

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David Millar said...

I never would've guessed at that being an issue. Then again, the headphone's I'm currently wearing have a dual cord that splits about a foot from the headset and connects to both cups.