Pot-stirring robot steals your kid's job

Liberating family sous-chefs everywhere (or at least, everywhere with $80 to blow on superfluous products), the Stirio automatic pot-stirrer... well, automatically stirs pots. I suppose there are some recipes requiring literally constant stirring (polenta?) where this would really help - but everywhere else, it smacks a bit of consumer-product excess and technologically-enabled laziness. And now I need to find another way for Junior to help in the kitchen? I'll pass.
[via Gizmodo]


Unknown said...

You consider this excess, but as an avid cook (with no kids), I have to tell you, this is actually brilliant! Ever made paneer? Risotto? You have to stand over the stove for 20-40 minutes constantly stirring, and to do these dishes correctly, *you can't stop for even a minute.* It's the sort of mind-numbing menial task that's begging for a machine to fix it and I just ordered one of these. I hope it works as well as advertised.

Dave Gustafson said...

All good points, Mike - I opted to go the cynical route with this post, but honestly, I see the other side too! Let me know how that thing works - if you like it, I just might order one too!