EcoSwitch: Consolidating Kitchen Machinery

Most kitchen appliances have at their core either a heating element or a motor, along with the supporting power supply and controls; the problem is that each appliance needs their own heating element, motor, power supply, and controls. But if these components could be made versatile and multipurpose, each "appliance" just becomes a simple attachment to a common base. That's the idea behind EcoSwitch, a design by frog (my employer) for General Electric. It's a promising design to consolidate components and eliminate wastes of space, of materials, and of money - a great way to get back some countertop real estate, save some money, and "save the planet!"

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JJ said...

If you will recall, Dave, my parents' kitchen in Ohio boasted a vintage "Nu Tone Built-In Food Center" with multiple attachments. This space-age setup shared motor, power supply, and controls across such delights as a knife sharpener, ice crusher and popcorn popper.