Re-Usability - Water bottles become vases...

Reusing and repurposing old products is an admirable part of Green living, but it can be tough - especially on the eyes. Not many reuse designs look all that great, unless you're the type to sacrifice an attractive home/car/whatever to "make a statement" - and that kind of thinking, by definition, can never go very mainstream. So to make reuse designs truly usable, they have to be attractive - and here's one that makes the cut, if you ask me. From Orca Design's Greenhouse Effect project, this simple flat pattern of wool felt slips around an used bottled-water bottle and, depending on your personal tastes, makes a pretty darn decent vase. It's not something that any one person could repurpose too many bottles with, but it's a start - and a little kickstart may be just what the whole reuse movement needs.
[via Dvice and Gizmodo]

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