Video Game Joystick Extender - Helps your twitchy aiming thumb...

Not all good design has to save the world or make a profound difference in how we live. Nope, some good designs just make a good thing a teensy bit better, and the users just an eensy bit happier. For example, when I'm playing a first-person-shooter game on the ol' Xbox 360 with my fiancee and her brother, I need all the help I can get with my aim - and this might be just the thing to keep me from their otherwise inevitable taunts. The FPS Freek, from gaming accessories maker KontrolFreek, simply extends the analog joystick on an Xbox 360 controller - and the longer lever arm means that larger movements of your thumb are translated to more refined aiming movements, and smaller unintentional thumb twitches are less of a problem. Sure, the same principle is used in surgical robots to help doctors accomplish tiny, delicate procedures - but me, I'll settle for a better score on my game.
[via Gizmodo]

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