Touchscreen Finger Ring... Why?

While it's not the most dignity-sucking finger accessory out there, it's certainly a close second: the TAD is an accessory intended to help with the use of a touchscreen, or perhaps tiny (ahem, "unpressable?") buttons. You slip one of those god-awful rubber rings around your finger, with one of the swappable attachments fitted to it, and you now have a sharper point or smaller nub with which to do your business. The manufacturer claims that this "exciting" and "unique" piece of junk will "protect long nails" and "increase accuracy and ease of use with all touch-screen products." I, on the other hand, claim that it's pointless (while only one of the attachments has a point, ha ha). My evidence: any touchscreen intended for such accurate use already includes a stylus; other touchscreens are meant to be touched with the tip of the finger rather than the pad of the finger from which the attachment protrudes; and where are we supposed to keep this thing stashed when not in use, anyway? Keep your head on straight, keep your money, and keep your dignity!
[via Register Hardware and Gizmodo]


Eva St. Clair said...

Oh come on, don't you know any women with super long crazy cat fingernails?? They totally can't use touchscreens so this might actually work for them. And, being women with a sense of fashion, of course they are carrying ultra cool purses in which they might easily tote around the little ring a dingy thing.

Dave Gustafson said...

Eva, what can I say - you're consistently able to find the cases that disprove my theories! You're totally right, though - now that you mention it, that particular demographic of potential users almost certainly does exist for this product. Keep on reading and keeping me honest! :-)