WiFi-Finding Laptop Bags - The right info in the right place...

Finding a hotspot to get your internet fix is a regular task for road warriors, and there's no shortage of wifi detectors to help with the task - from no-nonsense pocketable models to the more ridiculous wifi detector shirt. But here, we've got a decent marriage of wifi-detecting function and the time and place it would be needed - by putting the detector on your laptop bag. Soyntech makes a whole series of these bags, with the detector showing wifi status right on the outside of the bag, so you know whether or not you should be busting out the computer. It's the right info at the right place and time to be useful, and you don't even have to think about bringing along an extra gadget; very, very usable!
[via Journal du Geek, Geek Alerts, and Gizmodo]

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