Freedom! (From your internet addiction...)

Sometimes the toughest hurdle to overcome on the way to productivity isn't a tool that's difficult to use, it's the tool that's too tempting to use - and derails users from productivity and into procrastination. The Internet, for all its productivity gains, can be distracting as all get-out: email, IM, Facebook, games, news, blogs (not this one, of course) - they're all trying to pry your attention away from the invariably-less-interesting tasks at hand. Well, Mac users have a bit of software they can enlist to conquer their demons - Freedom is an application which disables all of the computer's networking hardware for an amount of time that you specifty, allowing you to focus when you need to. The genius of this little program? Quitting it will not re-enable the hardware - you have to restart the whole computer! It's that little extra bit - not letting you cheat - that makes me confident that it'll actually get the job done... and make you get yours done as well.
[via Download Squad and Lifehacker]


Tamlyn said...

I'm struggling to imagine any job that wouldn't be made considerably harder without the use of the internet!

Dave Gustafson said...

Very true, Tamlyn! But at the same time, what task wouldn't be made easier without the distractions of the internet? For every helpful Google, you get an addictive, time-sucking Facebook... know what I mean?