Label Your Thumbdrive

Lifehacker recently featured a reader-submitted idea that makes great sense, but unfortunately is just a little tougher to execute than it should be: label your thumbdrive with your name and phone number, so "lost" becomes "found" ASAP. This is the kind of behavior that designs should want to encourage people to adopt - but instead, it requires finding and renaming icon files, creating nasty-looking script files, hiding those files... not things that any novice would feel comfortable doing. So whose responsibility would it be do make these things easy? The operating system designer, which might recognize a new thumbdrive on first insertion? The thumbdrive maker, who might run proprietary software from the product? Or a third-party software company, offering a product they hope (against all odds) will be adopted for this purpose? And that's probably the problem - it's nobody's job, except that very astute reader on Lifehacker!

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