Buying Socks, the Amazon Way...

I've got big feet - size 13 - which means it can be tough to find socks. Most socks says "one size fits all!," and then in tiny print, "shoe sizes 7-12." So I thought that instead of trolling brick-and-mortar stores for their invariably smaller selections of big-and-tall socks, I'd try

Big mistake.

Here's a screenshot of what I encountered, and why it confuses me, undermines my confidence, and is just plain unusable. First off, sizes - what's the difference between "King Size," "Large" and "X-Large?" Are they all the same? If not, which match up to size 13? There didn't seem to be any way to find out. Next, colors - check out that rainbow along the bottom row. Is it just me, or do several of those colors look the same? And how will any color look once it comes off the screen and is rendered in cotton? The color description boxes underneath - which don't match up with the color example boxes, by the way - certainly don't help. My third complaint: I just don't feel like buying a men's product called "fluffies." But maybe I'm just being stubborn there. In all seriousness, I understand that Amazon's whole thing is to combine the offerings of many retailers in one search result, so this kind of inconsistency is understandable technologically - but for the sake of the user, make some changes, and make it work!


david santos said...

Great work, Dave.
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Anonymous said...

i think you add more info about it.