Chopsticks Aid - One for the forkers...

Some of us didn't learn to use chopsticks while growing up - and by "some of us," I mean "most of us from the Midwest." Therefore, when dining out amongst company who are more adept at the method, there's a question to address: fiddle with the sticks, or bite the bullet and ask for a fork? Well, now a third option is presented by designer Jaroslav Kucera, in the form of this simple plastic attachment which turns any pair of chopsticks into a fork. Now, let's be honest: this product won't spare the user the embarrassment of chopstick naivety - but it just may deflect the conversation to the subject of the novelty of the product itself. It's a clever little thing - and sometimes cleverness itself can be quite useful!
[via Serious Eats, The Daily What, & Gizmodo]

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