Gotta Go? "There's an app for that..."

Oh iPhone, is there anything you can't do? While thousands of apps strive to bring unheard-of utility to the world's hottest platform, there are some uses that simply boggle the mind. And here's one: Have2p maps restrooms in your vicinity using the iPhone's location awareness - and categorizes those that are "patrons-only" so you know in advance whether you'll have to make a purchase or just stroll on in. Honestly, it's not a bad idea - and the included extras range from the useful (reviews of bathrooms and information on cleanliness and changing tables) to the inane (an "ugency detector" that uses the accelerometer to sense shaking). It's amazing to me that such an incredible combination of technologies - location detection, crowdsourcing, and wireless data connection - can come together to make this kind of off-the-wall utility - and even more amazing that such a crazy app may be useful in a pinch!
[via geeksugar and Gizmodo]

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