It's a charger, it's a strap, it actually makes sense!

"It's an X, but it's also a Y!"

Most products that fit that description are unholy frankensteinian mashups that don't deserve to see the light of day. But every once in a while it's actually pretty useful - and this seems to be one of those. If you have a Nintendo DS (or DSi), you definitely need a charger and you probably want a wrist strap. The T-Strap Charger is both, and seems that it performs both functions quite well - and even adds value by enabling the charger to stay with the system at all times. The only problem is that this occasional success in combo products only encourages hundreds of other misguided attempts and abominations. Oh well - separate the good from the bad, I guess, and try not to think about landfills...
[via Engadget]

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