Friday Fun: Flats vs Heels

Today's item is a little out of my realm of expertise, but I'll take a shot at it: flats versus heels! That is, which is more usable - and I've got to say, there are some surprising arguments to be made in this case. At first blush, heels seem to be strictly cosmetic and fashion-motivated. But my lovely wife points out that there's more to it; they apparently reshape a woman's legs to look more toned, and alter the overall posture to become more attractive and confident, and these body cues affect the psychology of both the wearer and viewer. A powerful and useful tool indeed, but as any girl - or guy who's been out with a girl - will also tell ya, most of'em hurt to wear for a long time. That's where flats come in - and to take advantage of this, a company named Rollasole (thanks, Mary!) is beginning to offer flats in vending machines at nightclubs, like in the photo. The idea? Buy flats for the walk home after the heels have already done their job impressing people at the club. So, as far as the usability judgment between the two, I'll have to call it a draw - they both really do have their own times and purposes!

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