iPhone Headset Mic - Catchy, and not in a good way...

I love my iPhone, but every once in a while I find a little snag - and this time, that snag is quite literal. The headset that comes with the iPhone has a small microphone-and-button thingy on the cord, the use of which is extremely well integrated into the phone and audio player functions. However, the physical shape of that little bulge turns out to be problematic; it has sharp edges on the top and bottom (see the angry red arrows) which love nothing more than to snag and catch on shirt collars and jacket zippers. Since I tend to use the headset when I'm commuting by train and bus - and wearing a jacket and collared shirt - this has gotten pretty annoying. A pill-shaped mic-and-button unit would solve the whole problem. I know Apple is a stickler for industrial design, but can a user get a radius? Please?
[And hey, I'm not the only one!]

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