Hatcams: Weird for now, but just the beginning?

Behold: Hatcams, baseball caps with standard camera-mounting fixtures on the bill. (I'll give you a second to stop chuckling.) But seriously, this could just be the beginning. For now, it's silly - cameras are too big and conspicuous, and god help you if you want to start and stop recording. But cameras keep getting smaller, and batteries and memory will last longer, so I can certainly imagine a sleek and socially-acceptable camera built into clothing - and always recording. It's similar to lifecasting, but more for the purpose of catching memorable life moments before they're over - and without interfering with your ability to experience them. Aside from that, imagine the value of having a video record of any altercation, car crash, or crime... Privacy may be the victim, but the possibilities are mind-boggling!

[via Gizmodo]


Anthony said...

Interesting, but who really wants to spend their life reviewing their life?

My brain already records, catalogs, and recalls events in a better and quicker format than a video. I can recall something instantly just from a specific sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch.

Dave Gustafson said...

A very true comment - but one that would negate the entire industries of cameras and camcorders? :-)

Mark Whybird said...

This sort of thing (though body mounted, not hat mounted) is in use by police in the UK and Australia. Video evidence like this keeps both the police and those complaining against them honest.