Cuddle-Class Airplane Seating

Some of the best designs come from observing the natural behavior of people, and then designing to assist that behavior. That's certainly the case with Air New Zealand's upcoming "cuddle-class" seating: people have stretched out on rows of airplane seats for decades, but now it's going legit. Passengers can buy the three-seat row for the price of 2.5 seats, and use the space however they like - keeping clothes on, of course. It's a clever way for the airline to offer something new, and usable, without having to change a single thing about the plane itself!

[via Gizmodo]

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Unknown said...

Excellent concept but from my experience, cuddling two bodies next to each other on the row of seats simply isn't wide enough! One of those travelers will be half suspended in air and supremely uncomfortable. Is there a extended seat /mattress offered?