Jack of All Trades vs. Master of One

There's been plenty of debate about which is the superior eBook reader, Apple's iPad or Amazon's Kindle. Though I own neither device, I'm ready to weigh in, and tell you why: it's the Kindle, and it's the display. Forget the size and weight (the iPad is comfortable enough), forget the price (the difference is negligible for the heavy reader), forget the battery life (the iPad can support a single long reading session) - it's all about how your eyes feel. Take a look at the microscope photos from BIT-101 - Kindle on the left, iPad on the right; 26x on top, 400x on bottom. There's a harshness, a grating, a visual assault that takes place with the red/green/blue pixels on the iPad - and a smoothness, a consistency and wholeness that relaxes the eyes on the Kindle. For a serious reader, I truly believe that the comfort of the experience delivers true usability. Now, if the debate is about which is the better general mobile device to consider, that's where the iPad shines - it does tricks the Kindle can't even imagine. But the title of best eBook device? Kindle all the way!

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