Better Brake Lights?

Sent my way by reader Mark Shervey, and designed by graphic designer Mark Cossey, here's a quick idea for progressive brake lights. (Hit the link to see the fully animated graphic, it makes a difference!) Light braking makes the lights behave as we're all used to, but heavier braking causes the brakelights to do a strobe-flashing thing to really get your attention. This makes good sense to anyone who's had someone stop extremely short in front of them - you definitely wish there'd been some warning other than the regular old brakelights! A strobe may not be the very best idea - epilepsy may be a problem - but some kind of progressive brakelight seems like a nice improvement on the norm. Get it made, Mark!


Dave Gustafson said...

Reader Nick Puglisi points out that progressive braking designs have been in development for a while now - here's a research writeup from the academic perspective, at PhysOrg.
Thanks, Nick!

Anonymous said...

Tricky one not really sure if this is good idea or not.