UCIM Concept: One camera for the group...

As a product this camera may have many (maaany) problems, but as a concept it has an intriguing nugget at its core. The UCIM Camera, for Samsung by designer Jung Eun Park, addresses the problem of sharing the photos each person takes at an event. Instead of relying on each photographer to share his files, the UCIM has each person put their memory card into the camera simultaneously. When photos are taken, they're written to all memory cards at once. When you part ways, take your card with you. It moves the "sharing" moment up to an earlier stage in the experience, and forces it to a default - both powerful moves in ensuring that it happens. The rest of the details may be silly (and look like something for a 2nd-grader), but that one bit makes ya think!

[via Engadget]

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