Building a Better Clamshell

I've ranted about difficult and wasteful packaging on this blog before - and the usual villian in the story is the clamshell package, designed to attractively show a product in a retail venue while making it (1) larger and (2) unopenable, both to prevent theft.  Amazon came up with an excellent alternative in their frustration-free packaging - but this really only worked because they're free from the retail-venue constraints of attractiveness and theft-resistance.  So, Proctor & Gamble took a shot at improving the clamshell - keeping the same advantages, but ditching the downsides.  The result is an attractive package, made from renewable pulp materials and easier and safer to open.  It won a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation, in the Sustainability and Waste Reduction category - and it's something I hope we'll see more of on retail shelves!
[via Core77]


Just Another Abused Air Traveler said...

I've long thought that no company should be allowed to sell a package unless the CEO's grandmother can open it.

Dave Gustafson said...

I couldn't have put it better myself!