Coffee Table Rethink

Coffee tables have a tough job to do, because they really have so many jobs:  work desk, storage area, dining table, ottoman, objet d'art.  And yet, we keep thinking it just needs to be a flat surface with four legs.  James Cornetet thought a little beyond the usual, and came up with this award-winning design for what he calls the Get Your Feet Off My Coffee Table!  It makes the table decidedly unfriendly to feet, while adding a few other features:  remotes rest on a lower plane than the top surface, which holds flat objects like laptops and books; meanwhile, glasses and mugs are prevented from tipping when resting between the ridges.  It's elegant that such simple geometry accomplishes so many things - but sorry, James, I'll keep my own coffee table.  I love putting my feet up!
[Thanks to Bill Lewis for sending this along!]

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