Haptic Steering Wheel for GPS Cues

If you're getting sick of your GPS's bossy robo-voice and mispronunciation of road names, hope is on the horizon!  AT&T Labs are trying out another way you can get your turn cues: through haptic vibrations in the steering wheel itself.  Clockwise vibrations indicate a right turn, counterclockwise mean a left turn, and early results have been good - studies show that there's less "inattentiveness" with this method than with the usual visual and audio GPS cues.  I'm a fan of keeping a tight loop between cues and actions - if you need to take action with your hands (turning the wheel), then why not provide the signal to... your hands?  On the other hand (so to speak), road vibrations may provide background noise that would make it difficult to be sure you're getting a cue.  Even so, it's a design well worth exploring.
[via Technology Review & Gizmodo]

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