Left- and Right-Hand Sensing

This kind of thing must happen hundreds of times a day: a driver wants his passenger to enter a new destination in the car's GPS, but can't because that function is blocked while the car is in motion.  It's a safety feature designed to keep the driver from distraction, but it overshoots and blocks the passenger from helping.  This situation calls for a new sensor, something that's capable of distinguishing a passenger's interaction from a driver's interaction - and Cirque's new sensor that can tell which hand you're using seems like the right (or left?) way to go.  If it's the left hand being used on the center dashboard, that's the passenger - unless the driver is doing some crazy contortions, of course.  A sensor like this would be useful for the most part, although (like many sensors) probably annoying when it reads things wrong.  But still, the more sensors the better, so the whole system can see what's really going on, and work as it's designed.

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