eReader: One Worthy Dedicated Device

As tablets become more and more popular, device makers and users are figuring out how and where they like to do things: email, web stuff, games, videos, music, reading...  Generally, tablets are a great all-in-one device.  But it's starting to seem like one single-purpose dedicated device is still worthwhile: the humble eInk electronic reader.  And it's not about the features they offer - long battery life, sunlight-readable display, small and lightweight and low-cost - but rather it's about the features they lack.  As pointed out by the New York Times and Gizmodo, reading is an activity that's best with full immersion and no distractions - and while multifunction tablets are all about distractions, eReaders simply lack the capability.  It's the same frame of mind that makes you want to turn your phone off (or chuck it into the ocean) while on vacation:  disconnect, get away, and lose yourself in a book.  And unlike your tablet, you can trust your eReader to leave you to it.

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